The vineyards are located in fragments in northern Sardinia, in the municipality of Sorso. The typically sandy and limestone soils present in the cultivation area and salty winds that lash the coast, characterise our productions. We cultivate vines historically present in the territory; Vermentino, Cannonau and Cagnulari occupy most of the vineyard area, but are also present in the company the vines Bovale Sardo, Caricagiola, Girò and Pascale di Cagliari.

processo di imbottigliamento


It is essential for our company to pack a bottle containing a product that is sought, distinctive, unique. The company selects only the best grapes of the best vineyards, to give life to two products characterised by a deep connection with the microclimate typical of Sorso’s countryside. The proximity of the vineyards to the sea, the excellent exposure to sunlight and the sandy and limestone soils, identify our productions. Drinking 1 SORSO one enjoys the landscape, looks at the sea, feels the sun's rays. With 1 SORSO you live the territory, remember emotions, ear again sounds, evoke events. The Mistral wind whispers to us, the dunes and hills welcome us, the sun inspires us.



Vines: 100% Cannonau
Color: ruby red
Bouquet: hint of ripe fruit with reference to wild red berries
Taste: Enveloping and savory on the palate, round and velvety, lends itself to meditation
Serving suggestions: important dishes of red meat, hard cheeses and earth-food starters



Vines: 100% Vermentino
Color: straw yellow with golden highlights
Bouquet: hints of exotic fruit
Taste: balanced, fresh and sapid with mineral notes
Serving suggestions: Excellent with fish dishes, ideal as an aperitif

scorcio della citta di Sorso


Sorso is the place where the hills marry the sea, where you can breathe and savour the history of that territory overlooking the Asinara’s Gulf, the place where grapes are grown for thousands of years. The churches, the monasteries and the ancient palaces of the historic centre frame a colourful picture as the countryside surrounding Sorso. The stones of the alleys tell of old legends, the shadows of the balconies draw sidewalks, the traditions warm the hearts. Sorso is born to be lived.


18 km of coastline mark the northern border with the Asinara’s Gulf, offering one of the longest beach coasts of Italy. The great beaches are dominated by golden dunes, where we find the Mediterranean flora especially the junipers. They then framed by the S.I.C. area of Platamona’s Pond and the vast pine forest along the coast.


The hills of Sorso create a natural amphitheater overlooking the Asinara’s Gulf. Their mainly limestone nature, makes it ideal growing vines that express quality. The landscape is talkative, vast, fragrant. The vines cultivated for thousands of years in these places, colour and paint the territory during the different seasons.


The company has its roots in the history of the family Bagella, which since the ‘800 owned and cultivated land in the countryside of Sorso. From the 50s of the '900, the family estates are managed in part by Mario Bagella who begins to stand out in the wine sector, first with table grapes and then with wine grapes. In the early '90s he handed over his assignment to his son, Leonardo, who still manages them. Now the company looks to the future, drawing on the experiences and the old values, which are still the beating heart of our company.


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