The Territory. Sorso.

Sorso is a magical place in Northern Sardinia where the hills marry the sea. Here, where grapes have been grown for thousands of years, you can breathe and savor the history of this terroir which overlooks the Gulf of Asinara. Sorso is the name of the place and it also means sip. sip and you will begin to sense the soul of this place.
The colorful countryside surrounding Sorso frames this picturesque village; its ancient churches, monasteries and palaces. In the shadows of their balconies, the stone alleys whisper the traditions of old and welcome you with a warm, open heart. Sorso is an experience like no other.

The Sea

The land comprises 18km of coastline along our northern border on the Gulf of Asinara, offering one of the longest beach coasts in Italy. These pristine beaches are dominated by golden dunes rich with Mediterranean flora with many wild aromatic herbs and our treasured Junipers. The area is also framed by the S.I.C. area of Platamona's Pond and vast coastal Pine forests.

The Hills

The hills of Sorso transforming with the seasons, like an ever shifting canvas of color, create a natural amphitheater overlooking the Gulf of Asinara. Their limestone nature makes them ideal for growing the best quality grapes. For thousands of years, this land has been informing the grapes that grow here with its unique and timeless spirit.
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