The Winery

1Sorso vineyards, warmed by ample Mediterranean sun, blessed with unique sandy limestone soils and kissed by the salty breezes of the gulf, produce wines rich with the character of this place. We cultivate vines that have been proven here for centuries: Vermentino, Cannonau, Moscato and Cagnulari occupy most of our land. We also grow Bovale Sardo, Caricagiola, Giro and Pascale di Cagliari.

150 years of history in One Sip

The Bagella family has been cultivating its lands in Sorso since the 1800's. During the 1950's the family estates were lovingly nurtured by Mario Bagella. His table grapes and wine grapes became known for their quality and forged his connection with the wine sector. In the early 90's he handed down his lands to his son Leonardo, whose passion for winemaking inherited his father's reverence for quality. Now the Bagella family looks to the future, with the added inspiration of his son, young Mario. The Bagella Family uses progressive, sustainable, natural agricultural methods, while drawing on the experience and old values that are the beating heart of 1Sorso.
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