Terroir, growing system and harvest time.
1SORSO wines born in the wonderful wine-growing area of Sorso, on the north coast of Sardinia, on sandstone and limestone hills lashed by Mistral salty wind. The exposure of the plots gives an excellent grapes maturation. It usually occurs in mid- September. The low rainfall and intense solar radiation help to grow up healthy grapes endowed with high qualitative profile. The training system is a counter with Guyot pruning: the accurate pruning provides an average yield per hectare of about 7 tons.
The harvest and the production processes.
The harvest is carried out strictly by hand with plastic crates washed with hot water under pressure. The grapes are cut in the early morning and then transferred to the cellar. There they are crushed and the juice is left in contact with the skins for 12 hours. The dirt must then ferments for about four months in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. After this time, the must is finally filtered and bottled.
Visual analysis.
In the glass, the Vermentino 1 SORSO looks limpid with an intense pale yellow shade which tends to golden. Consistent structure with sharp and regular arcs due to a good glycerine charge.
Nose analysis.
Stand out the mineral notes with strong references to dried fruit, especially almond. Other elements standing out immediately on the nose are iodine and stone fruit flowers.
Taste analysis.
Wine with a good balance between hardness and softness, due to a slight residual sugar, and with a slight sour note, due to a high polyphenols content. Warm, mineral and savory, with a strong appeal to the bitter note of almonds. Notes of dried and toasted biscuits. It is a wine with a good persistence in the mouth, that enhances the right maturity.
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